Vella Group LLC

Real Estate development and Constructions

The Vella Group, and its predecessor companies, is a privately held real estate property developer and investor based in Los Angeles and New York City. The Group, founded by Zach Vella, owns and operates a diverse portfolio of commercial, residential, retail and hospitality assets. Since its inception, the company’s unique attribute has been its ability to identify trends and focus real estate development activities in places that are at the brink of change, thereby becoming part of that community’s prosperity.

  •  6/16/2020 12:00 AM

Building new structures and modifying existing ones to raise the value of a piece of real estate is called real estate development. Real Estate Development is also known as property development. Building new structures, making changes to existing ones, or otherwise enhancing any piece of real estate, such as office buildings, restaurants, or retail establishments to raise its value are all examples of real estate development.

  •  4/15/2020 12:00 AM

Commercial real estate development (CRE), is the process of creating a new building for sale or for rent from empty land. Commercial investment properties that are leased to third parties are often built from the ground up and are referred to as being in the “commercial real estate development” category. Office complexes, shopping malls, factories, and other structures with a business focus are examples of commercial real estate.